My vision

Putting the people of Tacoma first.


Being a community member of the Hilltop for nearly a decade and a resident of Tacoma for the past 20 years, I’ve truly grown to appreciate the meaning of community, hard work, and grit. Building my business from scratch alongside my brother on the Hilltop, I faced many of the same issues my fellow residents have which has given me a deep personal connection to what the real needs of the community are.

As a Tacoma City Council Member for District 3, I seek to bring awareness to the issues that the residents are facing as well as offering creative solutions that will make the entire city a better place to live for every Tacoman.  I want to be held accountable as a public servant and also be someone that is easily accessible and fully transparent.

Side by side, we will work to increase resources for small businesses in Tacoma, increase resources for our beloved Tacoma teachers and schools, support progressive tax reform, and fight to protect our city’s most vulnerable residents from falling through the cracks.

Issues like the housing crisis, homelessness, education, public safety and economic growth, in addition to building equity by uplifting the voices of those who are the most marginalized in our city are all issues I will bring to the forefront when the future of Tacoma is being discussed.

We must fight together to keep the destiny of our city in the hands of the residents who have worked hard to build it.
— David Combs